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30 Image Modifications Yamaha Mio Style Drag Bike - One of the scooter matik mainstay of this Yamaha manufacturer seems to have a charisma and keistimewahan that can make some people challenged to make modifications to it. Basically the motor scooter matik Yamaha Mio is indeed looks cool, dynamic, and also sporty. It would actually make the owner of the Yamaha Mio motor want something different from his favorite motor. Well, one way is to make modifications Yamaha Mio drag bike style so you can achieve that cool thing. Modified Yamaha Mio drag style is indeed very loved by everyone, especially for automotive lovers across the country. The reason, can be said if the motor modification with drag bike concept is actually very easy to do. As to whether the image modifications Yamaha Mio drag bike style, consider our reviews below.

Usually, in making this modified drag bike modifier will remove all parts of standard plastic body factory up to Yamaha Mio motor look like naked. And CVT Cover was not separated from the body changes that are done. Usually the standard frame color of the manufacturer will also be replaced with a brighter paint color, but most people who do this skeleton painting using water brush paint. Modified Yamaha Mio drag bike style, usually make the motor display will become more cool and frightening. In fact, the identity of the motor Yamaha Mio as an automatic scooter will be a little forgotten, because at the sight of Yamaha Mio motorcycle modified with drag bike style that there dipikiran we are motor racing

30 Image Modification Yamaha Mio Style Drag Bike:

One of the characteristics of this drag modification is the use of thin tires, the modifier and the owner of the Yamaha Mio motor also do not want to miss to apply on his favorite motor so that his drag bike aura more prominent. In addition to changing the standard tire factory with worm tire, the part of the handlebar must also be replaced with handlebar or custom handlebar. In addition, also on the modification of Yamaha Mio motorcycle style drag bike generally replace the standard alloy wheels with custom wheels as srag bike.

Not only that, the use of the fingers on the wheel too much in the apply. In addition, pruning on body parts can also be applied to the factory default seat. Factory standard seats will usually be changed with a custom seat that has a very thin size, but many also cut the standard up to very thin seats even almost like a board. In the exhaust will also experience changes, usually the owner of the motor or the modifier preferring to wear a racing muffler that has a very noisy sound or also wear a custom drag bike-style exhaust.

In general, the modification of Yamaha Mio motorcycle style drag bike in lakukakn by the modifier does look very frightening and extreme, the form of Yamaha Mio standard motor that looks very elegant will menglian change all-out to be more cool and of course will look very fierce. Modification of drag bikes are often done by the modifikator or creative hands are very seductive eyes, because it displays a very interesting modification results.

Well, how is the viewers, are you interested to make modifications to the drag bike style on your favorite Yamaha Mio motorcycle? Looks like we end the course about 30 Image Modifications Yamaha Mio Style Drag Bike above, hopefully reviews this time can be useful for you all.

# Thank you and Happy Modification ^_^

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