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How are the automotive lovers of the homeland happy, on this occasion we will share a little tips for all of you who want to do bore up on his favorite motorcycle. Here we will discuss about how to bore up on one motor matik that has been very popular in Indonesia, the motor Mio. As we know, that non-injection Mio matic scooter has a standard engine capacity of 113.7 cc, but most of the motorcycle owner Mio is still wanting performance that is more powerful and more faster of standard engine capacity. And one way to make your motor Mio become more kenceng and powered again that is by doing way bore up Mio motor become 150 cc safe for daily.

By doing so, of course, the engine capacity of Yamaha Mio will increase to 150 cc. Well, we just discussed for the first way, you can raise the piston diameter of the standard Mio motor is only 50 mm or you can replace the piston with a diameter of 57 mm. With the calculation (1/4 x 3, 14 x (57) ² x 57, 9): 1000, then your Mio motor can produce engine capacity of 147, 67 cc. Next you can replace the standard liner liner liner adjusted to the size of the piston you use, meisalnya using pistn from Suzuki Thunder 125 motor.

In addition to using the piston from Suzuki Thunder 125 motor, to be able to raise the performance of the standard engine of the Mio motor, you can also use the piston from Honda GL Neo Tech or it could be from Yamaha Vixion motor. Especially for those who use the piston from Suzuki Thunder 125 and also Yamaha vixion, you have to adjust or adjust to the diameter part. This is because the standard pin of Yamaha Mio only has a size of 15 mm, while the pin of the Suzuki Thunder 125 and Yamaha Vixion is 14 mm in size.

Then for your Mio motor to improve performance, you can also use a piston that has a size of 54.5 mm. To be able to increase stroke or step length, then you can use the total size of 6 mm that has been adjusted to the maximum stroke rules and also this size is considered very fitting. Because if the calculation is incorporated into the formula, then the result of the multiplication and also the division will meet the engine capacity to 148.99 cc. To do the second way it does take a long time when compared to the first way.

In the application does not require boring, but pin adjustment should also be done in some commonly used piston. For example, such as the innate seher from Yamaha Jupiter and Kawasaki Kaze with a diameter of 13 mm. But if the dipiston piston from Suzuki Shogun or Yamaha Jupiter MX, then no need to change the pin.

So thats it tips on How To Bore Up Motor Mio Being 150 cc that we can share on this occasion. Hopefully these tips can be useful for those of you who have read it.

#Thank you and happy Modifikation ^_^

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