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Android Smartphone For Gaming - In the past 15 to 30 years the game is synonymous with PC games and game consoles, but now we have entered the mobile world, including games. The more the day of gaming experience on the mobile the more interesting and fun. This is not apart from the development of mobile systems are increasingly modern and sophisticated, especially the Android OS.

Not only that, the progress of hardware is also so rapidly growing. The processors in today's smartphones have an increasingly impressive capabilities that even exist above the computer's PC specifications. Then, what should be considered in order to get Android suitable for gamers grip. Here are tips on choosing an Android smartphone for the right gaming.

1. Know the Processor and Chipset?

Tips to choose the first Android smartphone for gaming is to recognize the SoC (System on Chip) which is one of the important components in sustaining when playing games. SoC is the brain of Android smartphones. Many people equate between processor and also SoC or commonly also called chipset. Actually when this Android question arises what processor? So the answer is single core, or dual core, or quad core, or hexa core, or octa core or also deca core. When talking about the chipset, then mention the model is also the brand, so the processor itself is only part of the chipset. Knowing this is important to choose an Android smartphone for gaming.

2. Really Core Determining Android Performance?

Tips on choosing an Android smartphone for next gaming is the number of cores is not a guarantee fast or not, the performance of Android. No need to be tempted by the number of cores because the processor that has been optimized will be powerful than just concerned with the number.

3. Recognize Chipset Type

Tips on choosing an Android smartphone for the next gaming note the type of chipset. Chipset types that will determine the good performance of Android smartphones.

4. Newest Chipset Or Older Upscale Chipset?

If claiming to be a gamer mania, but blocked by the problem of funding then look for Android smartphone chipset Snapdragon 810 or Snapdragon 808. Meanwhile, Android smartphone price level medium then Android smartphone Snapdragon 615 chipset can be an option. Snapdragon 400 is actually less suitable for the activities of gamers.

5. RAM and Also Ideal Internal Memory

Tips on choosing an Android smartphone for the next gaming is to pay attention to RAM and internal memory. In RAM this is where the games are stored for access to the processor and GPU. Meanwhile, internal memory is actually useful to store permanent data. In order to play games to be comfortable, current Android RAM is usually at least 2 Giga bytes but it is advisable to look for RAM 3 Giga Bytes. Meanwhile, for internal memory, at least takes 16 Giga Bytes, try to be no less than that

6. GPU

GPU is an important part to choose Android smartphone for gaming. Principally GPU is similar to the CPU on the computer but the process is only related to graphics because the graphics is an important part of the game. GPU running fast will give a fun ngegame experience. GPU on duty also for processing game effects. A good GPU will make the games smoother and steady, not only that the game will also be full of effects. Today's Android does not need to bother looking for a good GPU because it is usually already included in a package with the SoC. If the chipset is good then the GPU is also good.

7. Battery and Android Screen

These two components are the battery and the display is the thing to also be considered when choosing Android smartphone for gaming. In order to enjoy stunning game graphics, it all depends on the screen resolution. At a minimum choose a 720 pixel Android smartphone and 1080 pixels, would be better for the game when it has Quad HD. And regarding the big or any kind of Android screen, then it's according to taste. As for the battery, choose an Android smartphone armed with a 3000 mAh battery capacity.

That's the tips on choosing an Android smartphone for gaming. The point is the kitchen runway on Android must be powerful. So also the internal memory and RAM must be large capacity for the game to run smoothly. In addition, the screen resolution and battery capacity must also support playing games.

#Thanks for read my article and Happy Gamming ^_^

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