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How To Quickly Create Tables On Blogs - Writing activities in blogging activities never get out of the table. Table displayed to further clarify the contents of the blog post that we created. Tables usually we appear for the type of blog post that discusses the comparison of two things. In order to distinguish the core of the two comparable things readily understood by the reader then we can make the comparison in the table view.

Creating tables is easy, but to display them on blogs is quite difficult. We must understand the HTML code to assemble the table to look intact. In order to process the publication of the table on the blog runs fast, we need help of third parties to convert the tables we have created using excel into HTML format.

Example :

As for how to convert table into HTML form using Tableizer is as follows.

1. Create a table form in a table processing program such as Microsoft Excel> copy.

2. Go to the Tableizer page> paste.

3. do the font size setting, table header color, and font type> Tableize it!

4. View the conversion results preview> copy the HTML code to display the table.

5. Log in to blogger account> dashboard> create new entry> select HTML mode instead of compose.
    Paste> publish.

Table is one important element to facilitate the reader understand the contents of article content that we make. The table will show the core of the discussion without the need for complex translation. 

The displayed table form can only be modified within the font size limit, font type, and header colors. We can not make further modifications as we create tables in actual table-processing programs. However, a neat and simple table view is sufficient to make the reader understand the contents of the readings displayed using the table.

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