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Produksi : Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, denco, Dax Pictures
Rilis       : 8 Juli - 23 Desember 2013
Episode  : 25
Genre     : Action, Adventure, Romance, Game, Fantasy

Appointed from Light Novel by Reki Kawahara with the same title, Sword Art Online, tells the story of a teenager named Kirigaya Kazuto, an online game addict who is trapped in a death game called Sword Art Online, in this game every player whose hit point falls up Zero state or depleted not only die in the game but also die in real life in the world.

To survive, Kirito, Kazuto's character name in SAO (Sword Art Online) fights against the monsters in order to free themselves and other players from the death game. Due to the trauma caused by the death of all his guild members, Kirito decided to become a Solo player and fight alone.
Until then he again met with Asuna, a deputy commander of Knight of Blood Oath, one of the top guilds and clearing groups in the most feared and in fear. Asuna who was initially cool to Kirito who had abandoned him after conquering the boss at the first level slowly opened his heart to Kirito after completing the false death case of Kains and Yoruko.
The relationship between Kirito and Asuna is getting closer, Asuna forced Kirito to become his partner. After successfully conquering the boss at level 74 with the technical ability of his two swords, Kirito was challenged by Heathcliff, commander of Knight of Blood Oath, for trying to take Asuna out of the guild. Kirito accepted the challenge and dueled, with the agreement that if he won he could take Asuna, and if he lost he would become a guild member.
In the duel, Kirito is defeated by Heathcliff. To know how Kirito's strength was tested to travel with the Kuradel and Godfrey. Kuradel perfected and killed Godfrey and tried to kill Kirito, but Kirito survived the help of Asuna, Kuradel himself died after being punctured by Kirito.

After the incident, Asuna and Kirito decide to marry and take time off from the guild. They then bought a house on Level 22 and met Yui, an AI who lost her memory. To help Yui get her memories back, Kirito and Asuna decide to go back to Level One. There they were met by Yulier, a deputy commander of the Libration Army, asking for their help to help the commander, Thinker, who was trapped inside the Dungeon.
Inside the dungeon, Kirito and Asuna are confronted by powerful monsters that are not known. At Kirito's insistence, Thinker and Yulier decide to run away with Yui. But Yiu refuses and tries to help Kirito and Asuna whom he already considers his parents. At that moment Yui shows her true identity as AI, easily she can defeat the monster. As a result, Yui kemdian deleted by the system. But before the entire program is removed, Kirito manages to save Yui's core program.
Just two weeks on their holiday, Heathcliff called them back to conquer the Boss on level 75. After a fierce and sacrificial fight they managed to conquer the Boss. Kirito is suspicious from the start with Heathcliff and then unravels his true identity.

It turns out Heathcliff is Kayaba Akihiko, a scientist who made SAO. After going through a fierce battle, Kirito managed to defeat Heathcliff and leave the game of death. Unfortunately, Asuna died for protecting Kirito.
Back to the real world, the problem is not over yet. Asuna is Kirito's lover still trapped in a virtual world called Al Fheim Online, a full dive game like SAO. To save Asuna, Kirito returns playing online games and meets up with Leafa who is none other than Kirito's sister.
Based on the information obtained from Egil, Kirito and Leafa then rushed to the World of Tree where Asuna is located. But to reach the top of the World of Tree, Kirito and Leafa had to conquer the thousands of guards. Thanks to the help from Sakuya and Alicia who are racial leaders, Kirito managed to break through the wagons and reach the door to the top of the World of Tree.

By using the Administration Code that was dropped by Asuna, Kirito and Yui finally managed to meet Asuna. Unfortunately, when the happy moment happened, King Oberon, Sugou, appeared to catch and torture Kirito and Asuna.
Tersiksa oleh keadaan yang menekan dan hamper putus asa, Kayaba Akihiko menolong kirito  dengan cara memberinya ID Heathcliff, sebuah ID dengan tingkatan ID di atas ID milik Sugou. Sugou pun dapat di kalahkan, dan kejahatannya  mengembakan piranti untuk memanipulasi emosi pun terungkap.
Berhasil menyelamatkan Asuna, Kirito di beri amanah oleh Kayaba untuk menyebarkan ‘seed’, sebuah program inti untuk mengembangkan dan menjalankan game full dive online.

Anime this one is awesome, it is worth when Fun put Sword Art Online as the best anime that occupies the fifth position in 2012. Not only the story line full of surprises and challenges, Sword Art Online also tells about kehidpan love story anatara Kirito and Asuna, and Suguha, Kirito's sister who plays Leafa in Al fheim online secretly likes Kirito, so the romance element in this anime is more inclined toward romance than adventure.
This anime kekuragan the romance story that is so thick that sometimes a bit boring for those who love anime genre adventure. But overall this anime is cool, and worth watching by the viewers in Indonesia.
The novel version of SAO itself still continues, whether the next session of SAO will appear. Let's wait ... ..

Umpteen anime review from me and....
#Happy Watching ^_^

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