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Kamijou Touma (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

Anime character of this one is very famous for its misfortune, it is Kamijaou Touma, a high school student who has the ability to eliminate the ability of magic or ESP others. With his ability that he can save a lot of people even in the light of his novel in the story managed to save the world, but so because of his ability that he also in override a lot of misfortune because of his ability to eliminate luck.

Kamijou is chased by thugs

  But even being the most unlucky person, Kamijou is also the luckiest person for what? Yak arena ability also hehehe? With his Imagine Breaker he is able to change the fate of red destiny so that every woman who knows him will usually fall in love with him.

Aikawa Ayumu (Koreha Zombie Desu-ka?)

Another equally unlucky character with Kamijou is Aikwa Ayumu, after being killed in a kill by serial killer Ayumu then being revived as a Zombie by Eucliwood, a Necromancer girl who came from the underworld. With the revival of Ayumu as an automatic Zombie he can not die.

Ayumu when turned into Mahou Shoujo in school

  Though she could not die, Ayumu was always tortured because of the sunshine that made her dry like a grandfather, Ayumu's normal life suddenly changed when the arrival of Haruna. Haruna who is Masou Shoujo tries to erase the memory of Ayumu instead loses power due to absorption by the Zombie, and automatically makes Ayumu as Masou Shoujo.
And since then many megalo who came to his city to make trouble, in order to defeat the megalo Ayumu using Masou Shojounya power to defeat them all.

Ayumu defeats Seraphim

  The misfortune that Ayumu encounters is usually varied, when against strong enemies he usually ends up mutilated, turns into Masou Shoujo at school so he is called hentai and is caught by police but a day later becomes an impromptu artist because of his gamelan style Trends, he is also often a victim of insults and torture from Haruna and Seraphim.

Yusha Alba (Senyuu)

For this one figure is more similar in call a miserable character than in bad luck, so who else if not Yusha Alba. Despite being the main character in the short anime Senyuu, his role is not important, he is also weak and useless, and also always a bully victim of his friends especially Ros.

Yusha Alba is desperate in prison

  Alba is usually angry when being poked by his friends but once he does not dare fight them, he is also a young despair and usually make trouble Ros.

Amakusa Kanade (Noucome)

The misguidance of Kanade's quran is none other than caused by the choice curse which he possesses, when he faces something usually will appear choices in his mind, he must choose one of these options because if he does not choose he will feel an outer headache Ordinary.
Amakusa gets a mission from Kami-sama

  The choice of the result of the curse is usually nothing good and it always gives a bad effect for him, no wonder if then Amakusa entry in 'The Reject Five' is a student who least liked or considered bizarre in his school.

Amakusa in Sadistic mode

  To help eliminate these charges then send a bishoujo named Chocolate which in later days more often give him problems in comparison with helping him.

Kondou Isao (Gintama)

  Being a Shinsengumi commander does not mean making things easy for Kondou Isaou or more familiarly called as Gorilla. Even though having a position turned out to make Kondou not easy to attract the heart of her dream girl that is Tae Shimura and often in hajar all-out by the woman.


  I was so bad he was in a marriage with a princess from the orangutan planet that is nothing but a gorilla, the misfortune that Kondou experienced so much that it is difficult to explain hehehe ... but once he is a good person and very much appreciated By his subordinates and friends.

It's all the anime characters tersial version provide to Otaku ..
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