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Anime Highschool DxD - Hay gan this time mimin want to post anime 18 +., Ie Highschool DxD. Want to know more about this anime ok, chekicroot ........

High School DxD is an anime adapted from a light novel of the same title written by Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero as an illustrator. The anime itself is developed by TNK (School Days, Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka)

High School DxD tells about
Hyoudou Issei, a hard oppai fan (WOI) who was tragically killed by a girl (fallen angel) who pretended to be his girlfriend for some reason. Rias Gremory, an Akuma who is the head of the Gremory family, took an interest in Issei and revived him as a lower-class akuma. Along with Rias and his "family" members, Issei begins the story of wanting to get involved with the battle between the Akuma and the tenshi.

And these are the characters:

1. Isei Hyōdō (兵藤 一誠, Hyoudou Issei) 

The main protagonist and the main narrator of this series, so perverted and idiot, he was killed by his girlfriend on their first date and revived as a Devil, then joined the Gremory family. His dream becomes a Harem King by becoming a High Level Devil and gathering his own slaves. He is not the type who rely on strength alone, but the courage and sincerity of his heart managed to win the hearts of many girls in this story.

Rank / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Man); Medium-level Devil (At the end of Volume 12) / Pawn Piece (consumes 8 pieces)Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear (Longinus) - Doubling strength every 10 seconds, Moving the Power to people or to other objects,Balance-Breaker: Boosted Gear Scale-mail - The red armor that covers his body, giving him extra attacks and defenses.Weapon: The sacred sword of Ascalon's dragon slayer

Strength: Dress Break - Destroying the women's clothes he held without the rest; Bilingual - communicating with other woman's breasts; Dragon Shot - Shoots fireballs from his hand / mouth.

2. Rias Gremory (リアス・グレモリー, Riasu Guremori)

A high-class devil from the Devil Gremory family, he is the chairman of the Occult Scientific Research Club, the King's Kid, as well as the Master of Hyoudou Issei and all members of his club. Good and Gentle, but be firm and fierce while fighting / practicing. Nicknamed "Crimson Ruin Princess", and has a deep feeling for Ise.

Ranking / Position: Top-class devil (pure-blood devil) / King's Shadow
Strength: Power of destruction - Destroy anything that concerns its magic without the rest; Switch Princess.

3. Asia Argento (アーシア・アルジェント, Aashia Arujennto) 

This very innocent woman is a sister of the church who was exiled to Japan for having the ability to heal all people, including the devil, after Issei rescued her, now she is reborn as a Devil and serves as a Rias Launcher, living in Issei's house
Rank / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Human) / Bidak Peluncur
Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing - The power of healing for anyone

4. Koneko Tojo (塔城 小猫, Toujou Koneko)

This small, non-talented woman is the Benteng Rias Castle, having a very strong force. Formerly he was hamoir killed by demons after his brother, Kuroka, kills his master, he is protected by Lucifer, and he entrusts Koneko to his sister Rias. Somewhat cynical about ise for not liking his nasty attitude. Start using the power of Senjutsu after being pushed by Ise.

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Nekomata) / Benteng Castle
Strength: Sen-jutsu - Uses ki energy in the body to attack / persist / recuperate.

4. Akeno Himejima (姫島 朱乃, Himejima Akeno) 

Akeno is the vice-chairman of the Occult Research club. Born of the human mother and the father of an angel fell, after the death of his mother he became Rias's servant. The most Rias person believes and is the Queen of Rias Pawns. He refused to use the power of light inherited from his father, but eventually began to wear it after being pressed Ise. Cheap smile and friendly at all times, but very horrible when angry. Fond of seducing Ise that triggered the anger of the other girls.

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Man / Fallen Angels) / Queen's Paw
Strength: The power of lightning; The Power of the Holy Light (inherited from his Father); The Power of the Fallen Angels (bringing up the wings of fallen Angels)

5. Yuto Kiba (木場 祐斗, Kiba Yuuto) 

Kiba was the only male member in the Occult Research Club club before Issei joined him, he was a popular handsome guy as well as a Horse Puppet Rias. The survivor of the holy-sword project. Gentle and think of Issei as her best friend, though Issei actually thinks of her as "her bitter enemy".

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Human) / Horse Pawn (knight)
Sacred Gear: Sword Birth - Creates a demonic sword of absence
Balance-Breaker: Sword of Betrayer - Combination of a demonic-sword and a holy-sword
Weapon: Gram's demonic sword

6. Xenovia (ゼノヴィア, Zenovia)

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Human) / Horse Pawn
Weapons: Excalibur Destruction, Durrandal Holy Sword, Ex-Durrandal
He is the owner of the holy sword sent by the Church with Irina to destroy or take the stolen Excalibur sword. Obsessed with having a baby with Dragon power, so often tease Ise.

7. Gasper Vladi (ギャスパー・ヴラディ,Gyasupa Bulade)

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Man / Vampire) / Bidak Peluncur
Crossdresser boy who is shy and does not like crowds. Expelled from his family for being 'impure'. Able to use the power of the Vampire in full by drinking Issei's blood.
Sacred Gear: Forbidden Balor View

8. Rossweisse (ロスヴァイセ, Rosuvaise) 

Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil (Former Valkyrie) / Bent Castle
Strength: Norse Magic

9. Irina Shido (紫藤イリナ, Irina Shidou)

Ise's childhood friend, the holder of one of [Holy Sword] Excalibur
Ranking / Position: Exorcism
Strength / Weapon: Excalibur Changed Shape, One of the re-creation of Excalibur that can change its shape according to the wishes of its owner, can turn into a rope, sometimes a sword

10. Azazel (アザゼル, Azazeru)

Rank / Role: Master of Hell

11. Souna Sitri (Shitori Souna)

Chairman of the Osu School of Kuou, a high-ranking Devil from the Sitri family, the most popular third-faced woman after Risa and Akeno, is popular with students
Ranking / Position: High Level Devil / King Knight
Strengths: Sitri Magic - Controls water in 3 forms (solid, liquid, gas), manipulates the waves, storms, and hail.

12. Saji

One of Sitri's pieces, as well as Issei's rival, though always loses to him all the time. The nasty level is proportional to Ise. Very much in love with Sona and wishing to conceive her in order to marry her.
Ranking / Position: Low Level Devil / Pawn Piece

Sacred Gear: Absorption Line - sucks the power of others; Vritra Dragon Mode - Transforms into the perfect 'Vritra' Dragon form for a moment, though he will lose consciousness.

How bro less incomplete yes, just watch the animenya on youtube a lot, look for highschool DxD full movie so let ga bits and do not forget you must 18+ first, I deliberately ga showin full picture because ++.

#Happy Watching ^_^

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