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Creating a Vlog on Youtube seems not unusual anymore in Indonesia, many youtuber Indonesia deliberately routinely create and upload Vlognya to Youtube. Not infrequently Vlog videos from The Youtuber Indonesia This goes into trending Video accompanied

The news about the high income of youtuber and the fame obtained is fantastic, making many people in Indonesia want to start his career on Youtube and create Vlog. Unfortunately in Indonesia itself is still a little article or tutorial that explains about how to create a vlog on youtube.

Well in this article, will explain as much detail and as clearly as possible an answer from your question that read: "How do I make a vlog on youtube and become famous youtuber?"

For those of you who enter into this article by accident, and do not know what Vlog is, here's the explanation.

What is Vlog?

Vlog is short for Video Blog or can also be interpreted as Blog in the form of Video. Vlogs usually record a person's activities or contain specific topic discussions. Vlogs are currently more idientik with youtube, travel vloger and motovlog are the 2 most popular topics and are often used by youtuber in creating a blog video.

So if a blog post usually explains and discusses certain topics through a series of writings, images and other multimedia files, while a vlog explains or discusses certain topics through recording of conversations and videos plus other supporting multimedia files like music and pictures.

5 Easy Steps How to Create a Popular Fast Vlog

Step - 1 ,

Create First Youtube Account and Youtube Channel

Initial capital to be youtuber yes create an account and a channel with a unique and interesting name on Youtube.

Step - 2,

Getting Started Creating Vlogs

Use a good camera to record a Vlog, at least a camera with 720p video resolution, but if you can use a 1080p camera for maximum vlog quality.

Which camera is suitable for vlog?

Cara membuat vlog , kamera untuk vlog

Some say to make Vlog we need a DSLR class camera, but actually with cheap camera and good lighting, Vlog will still look professional and comfortable to watch.

Also note the audio quality of your vlogs, if the built in microphone on the camera does not produce maximum sound, you can use an external microphone that cost is not too expensive. Microphone is on the Smartphone also you can use if the results are more clear than the audio produced by the camera.

Vlog about what should I make?

The answer depends on what you want to accomplish. If you just want to just upload vlog to youtube, please upload video of your daily life from waking up to sleep again, but guaranteed your video will not be popular, most of which watch only 2 or 3 people hehe.

So, please create a Vlog with a topic you created yourself, but remember! Do not ever imitate the famous Youtuber Vlogs, famous youtubers are often uploading Vlogs with topics that are not important but a lot of viewers, this is because the audience is not thinking about the topic of the vlog but who made the vlog.

Well, if you already have a good camera, the topic you want to lift and other supporting equipment, then go to the next step.

Step - 3,

Create Your First Vlog

Do not get too crazy

For example if you want to create a travel vlog, as a new youtube channel, do not commit foul decay too long, because it will increase our video bounce rate

Avoid intros or introductions that are too long, for example, "Welcome to the channel Ngevlog, this channel is a special channel uploading high-quality vlog about what can be recorded, this time I want to bandung and nyari hidden natural beauty, .... While shouting hello bandung residents what kabarnyaaaaa? Do not forget to subscribe, like share, watch other videos and visit our website so I can get rich and lots of money "

Actually, we can make video titles using effective sentences so that people will know what the contents of the vlog are without having to be explained in a long-winded manner. At the beginning of the live video just open with a short "Hi gw gissa, today I want to walk to bandung and explore the natural beauty" .... While manasin motor engine.

Take as many videos as you can

Usually the youtuber call it footage, well if we ngerekam many videos then we will have a lot of material to take home and we edit. Every recording of our videos will definitely make a mistake or we feel our recording is less fit, less cool.

The more footage we have, the more freely we are in editing the raw video from the camera into a Vlog ready to upload to youtube.

Edit Vlog to make it more perfect

Cara membuat vlog , Software Edit Video Vlog

As has been said before, we sometimes get a less than perfect recording. Perform minor edits like color correction and light, Reduce camera shake, watermark and intro additions if deemed necessary for branding.

Step - 4,

Upload Vlog

Cara membuat vlog , cara upload video

If you already have a Vlog ready to upload to youtube, do a quick upload with a special optimization to get your videos quickly popular.

Some of the optimizations you can do easily include:

  • Give the title of an interesting vlog and related to the trending topic
  • Write a vlog description that is clear and long
  • Promote vlog through social media
  • Share vlog via kaskus forums, and sites that allow us to share videos.

Step - 5,

What To Do To Channel Can Grow

Many have complained after reading the articles tips and tricks to be youtuber here because he said they have made a youtube channel and upload the video but not famous. Apparently they like this instant hehe.

Just uploaded a video 1 then complained because subscriber and income never increased, as an overview youtuber will start success and known it on average when it is active on Youtube for at least 6 months with 1 new and original video every 2 weeks.

Then how to make the channel get popular faster?

How to get the fast popular youtube channel you can just do 2 ;

  • Upload unique videos (not reupload other people's videos and first) by discussing topics that people are looking for.
  • Upload quality videos every day and maximize optimization

Famous Vlogger

In the international arena there is CaseyNeistat who is one of the famous youtuber of his vlog. While in Indonesia there are some Youtuber that often make Vlog, for example Raditya Dika with its RVLOG

Done already an article that explains how to create a vlog on youtube, hopefully the article of section 1001 how to become youtuber enough can be understood and can be used as a useful reference for you aspiring youtuber star indonesia.

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