Posted by : Reazki Handifa Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The more booming video sharing on the internet, the more people are successful because of it. As ~ said before, there are so many ways to make money (not necessarily rich) from the internet, one of them from Youtube.

(Read: How to Activate Youtube Account and Video Upload).

Youtube is already integrated with all Google services is also possible to connect with Google Adsense. From Adsense is the coffers of income coming through Youtube.

But before you install Google Adsense ads on Youtube, you must already be an Adsense publisher on the blog. Whether your account is Hosted or Nonhosted. If you do not have an Adsense account, then register first.

We assume you already have an Adsense account, then how to install Google Adsense ads on Youtube? Here are the steps;

  • First of all activate your Google Adsense account in the same browser.
  • Then visit, go to your channel section. At the top of your profile there is written Subscibers and Video Manager. Click Video Manager.

  • Your Dashboard page will appear, choose the Channel menu on the left and click Enable in the Monetization section.

  • Next will appear the confirmation section. Click Enable My Account if your account is not active.

  • After clicking Enable My Account an approval sheet will appear. There are three things that must be checked in this section. Once everything is checked, click I Accept.

  • In the next window is the preview page. Defauld, Youtube will see your Adsense Account is a Hosted account or not. If it is still a Hosted account, you can only select two types of ads, Overlay in-video ads and skippable video ads. Click preview to view. Then click Monetize

  • Last click Got It.

View your videos, most likely will already show ads. How it works even with Adsense ads on blogs. Will result if anyone clicks. So in addition to promoting blogs, through videos we can make money.

The only thing you have to do is increase the number of viewers and who subscribe with your channel. If you are a reader any bloGoooblok ~ there is no harm also subscribe to the Youtube channel, because the tutorial videos will appear there.

Oh yes, before installing Adsense ads on Youtube, make sure first, the video you created does not contain pornography. Because if so, be prepared your Adsense account in banned. So be careful.

For more details, please see the video tutorial how to install Adsense ads on Youtube on video below.

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