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How to Make Your Own Blog Icon Look Beautiful (Icon Favicon) - On this occasion I want to give a tutorial how to create your own blog icon with the icon to your liking. Icon blogger or there are ordinary people call it as a favicon, can you replace with icon or logo design in accordance with your wish tentunnya to look more cool blog look.

What exactly is the favicon and its position there where sh? Favicon is an icon on a web located at the top or next to the adressbar. For standard icon from blogger will look like in picture below:

Icon like this is the default code or icon that generally exist in a blog that you see if the blog has not changed its icon.

To replace your own blogger favicon icon? You need an icon, logo, or photo with a square shape that has the same width on each side and usually has a 32 × 32 size. The purpose of how to create your own blog icon is to have owned blogs look unique and different from other blogs. And of course this can be a typical blog in the eyes of visitors. Like i have this if you see the top most looks like the following:

Actually to replace this blogger favicon in blogspot already provided on Layout menu / Layout on Dasboard Blogger. By default all blogs created from blogger will have the same favicon as the blogger favicon before we replace it ourselves like the example above. For how to create your own blog icon, please refer to the following reviews.

How to Create Your Own Blog Icon

Before you decide to change blogger favicon, I suggest you better prepare the favicon first. This favicon can be built with Adobe Photoshop, Generaton icon online, or use your own photo / picture / logo. Make sure also the favicon size is a 32 × 32 square. If you want to create your own favicon you can create a favicon icon with Photoshop that can help you.

Changing the favicon on a blog should be done by every Blogger, because in checking SEO using online tools sometimes a favicon will also be assessed, if you use the default favicon of blogger then it is considered that the website or blog is not using a favicon, so it would be nice if you Replace the favicon on your blog with your own homemade favicon.

Favicon on blog or icon for a blog should be made as good and attractive as possible although with small size, but you should be able to describe favicon or blog icon with what is in the blog. So must be related to each other.

Creating a favicon for blogs is quite easy just that you should be able to operate some editing software or to create an icon. For example by using software CorelDraw or photshop with the software you can make anything you want and the software is so easy to use let alone just to make the icon for blogger is not too difficult.

After creating the icon for the blog, now suppose you already have an icon that will be used on the blog as a favicon, please refer to the tutorial How to Make Your Own Blog Icon Look Cool (Icon Favicon) which I will discuss the following:

How To Easily Replace Icon Favicon In Blog

Here I will use one website like to create a favicon

1. Please go to the site Then you will look like this:

2. Enter the picture you have prepared there 2 options please select either through the url image or upload it directly (here I choose menguploadnya) and then click Upload image. Then it will look like this:

3. If you have uploaded then you can Select Size to determine the size of the image. Or also you want to cut it (crop & preview) according to the look you want. For this option please select on menu number 2 in the example picture above. If you please please select capture & preview.

4. Next after you select the capture & preview will come out your favicon view, please select Download: png. For more details note the picture below:

After you download the favicon the next step is to install on your own blog.

How to install Favicon on Blog With Easy

After the icon you have created and ready to be installed on the blog, it's time to replace the default favicon on your blog, note the following steps:

1. Login to your Blogger account. In the Blogger Dashboard please select the Layout menu (Layout), then select the favicon, note the following picture:

2. Next click EDIT and input the file you have downloaded from or service that you have made, then save or save. Note the following picture:

3. The last stage after you finish save, then check on your blog and see the results:

Very easy is not how to create your own blog icon easily and quickly. Only based on the selection of images that match the theme of your blog and your creativity and you can make a favicon cool and interesting.

Similarly the article about "How to Create Your Own Icon Blog Cool (Icon Favicon)" which we have discussed this, hopefully this article can be useful and increase your knowledge.

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