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How to Live Stream On Youtube? The question is very often asked when watch a live streaming video from other youtuber in indonesia.

And this time will try to give tutorial how to live streaming on youtube with easy and simple. In addition to tutorials you will also find a lot of information about live streaming on youtube other that hopefully can increase your knowledge about live streaming on Youtube.

Terms For Live Streaming

For live streaming, you must have a youtube account that meets the following requirements

The first requirement to be able to perform live streaming on youtube is to have a verified youtube channel. The trick is very easy, you just visit with conditions already logged into youtube and enter the phone number that can be contacted to receive sms or phone contains verification code.

The second condition is to enable the Live streaming feature on the page. And make sure you see the status of your channel Partner Verified.

And also do not forget Live Streaming feature must be in Enabled condition.

Cara Live Streaming Di Youtube - Mengaktifkan Fitur Live Streaming

Once qualified, you can directly perform live streaming on youtube. There are two types of live streaming on Youtube ie Stream now and Events. The difference between the two is, Stream now is suitable for a very simple live event, once you start streaming live from your PC, live streaming will start immediately. This is most often used by Youtubers, like Youtuber Gaming in Indonesia which often do live Streaming on youtube.

On the Stream now page you will see 4 Settings:

  • Basic Info / Basic Info. Where you give the title and description Live Streaming to live streaming category.
  • Stream Option / Stream Settings. Here you can choose to enable DVR or not, save live streamed video or not, choose stream optimization to add delay
  • Monetization. If you want live stream videos you make money then you must activate it.
  • Cards. If this is to add an interaction to your live streaming video, such as text, links, images up to the call to action button.

Whereas if you do live streaming via Events, then you can schedule when the live stream will start so that it can prepare live stream with more mature. You can try your live streaming without being noticed by the viewers and you can do more complicated settings so that live streaming can be more in line with your wishes and more optimal. You have to do the scheduling first, for example 30 minutes from now live streaming will begin.

Well in this article, will only discuss how to live streaming on Youtube with a simple use Youtube Stream Now. For Live streaming tutorial via Events on Youtube, will we make the article as soon as possible, because it is quite complicated hehe.

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