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Being a blogger, as well as a hobby can also generate financial benefits. If there is a presumption, blogging just spend money paying cafe or coffee (wifi coffee shop) can be a big mistake.

Because actually, Google has provided erning service in flatfom blogspot. Maybe you've often heard how to make money via the internet or blog. There are so many choices out there. But we will not discuss in this post.

One of the leading to make money via the internet is Google Adsense. In addition to being Google's big name as a service provider, Adsense also has appeal to many bloggers.

How not, how very easy, we are paid by Google only if there are people who click on ads that we put on the blog. Further discussion about Adsense will be discussed separately.

For this time we will discuss how to earn money from blogspot through Google Adsense service. We will register Adsense from blogspot. Follow the steps as follows:

Check the availability of Adsense

If you've been blogging using the Indonesian language until the setting was in Indonesian, certainly the tab on your blogspot Dasboard is not available Income services. By that we have to activate it, its the way ;

1. Go to your blogspot Dashboard, then select the Settings tab and select the Language       menu and Formatting.

  • In the language selection menu, change the Indonesian format to English, either American or English United Kingdom. After that Save.

  • Refresh your blogspot Dashboard, now will appear a new tab that is Income and content Adsense.

  • Next look at the availability of services for your blog. If you go to the Earnings tab and at the bottom of the box look like the following, then undo your intentions first. Wait until the Sign up button Adsense is not blurred again and there is no writing beside it.

List of Adsense Through Blogspot

  • If the Sign up button Adsense can already be pressed. Please register. The picture looks like this.

  • There are three stages of registering Adsense through blogspot. In the first step you will be given the option of using an email account as it is being used, or using another email. Please select Yes, Use (your email).

  • The second stage, just mention information about your blog. Select the language you use on your blog, then click Continue.

  • The third and final stage is the application form. Fill in all options, from Country or region, Time zone and Account type (personal or business). Choose according to your choice and best suits you. While for personal information, try the contents with the information Original, Name, Address, City, Province, Postcode and Phone, then press Send My Application.

Your Adsense form has now been submitted to Google. Wait 1 time 24 hours or at most 1 week to get an answer. From bloGoooblok ~ sign up Adsense experience, after submitting the form, six hours later a letter from google arrived. The answer to whether you are accepted or not is a provider of advertising services.

It looks easy to register, and the ease is not as easy to accept by Google. By him that there are many things to watch out for if you want to use Adsense service.

Next, share your experience registering in Adsense in the comments field below. We share experiences to strengthen each other. thank you

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